Exotic Veterinarians-Northern California

If your guinea pig is not eating or drinking please get them to a vet immediately!!

  • Broadway Veterinary Hospital (Sacramento, CA) 916-446-6154

  • Bradshaw VCA (Elk Grove, CA) 916-685-2494

  • Roseville Bird and Pet (Roseville, CA) 916-773-6049

  • Blue Ravine Pet Hospital (Folsom, CA) 916-984-0990

  • Reagor Animal Hospital (Carmichael, CA) 916-971-1551

  • Insight Veterinary Center(El Dorado Hills, CA) 916-618-4700

  • Laguna Creek Vet Hospital (Elk Grove, CA) 916-684-7300

  • UC Davis Small Animal Hospital (Davis, CA) 530-752-1393

  • Acorn Vet Hospital (Davis, CA) 530-753-7580

  • Community Vet (Turlock, CA) 209-634-5851

  • Arbor Pet Hospital (Lodi, CA) 209-334-4257

  • All Creatures Emergency (Folsom and Stockton)  

  • Madison Ave Veterinary Clinic (Sacramento, CA) 916-961-1541


If you would like to add any vets you have used, please email me.

Startup Shopping list

  • Cage: 8 sq foot or larger. Midwest Habitat or Amazon Basics.  Best is a c an c cage. guineapigcagesstore.com or kaveecage.net.​

  • Bedding: Fleece, sew your own or Etsy. Carefresh or paper bedding, aspen is the only safe wood bedding.

  • Food: Oxbow Adult Guinea Pig pellets, young pellets for under 6 months. Oxbow Vitamin C cookies, Timothy Hay or hay blend with Orchard Grass.  A cup of fresh veggies a day, a complete list can be found on the "myguineapig" app.

  • Hideys: Need 2. Igloos, fleece tunnels, cardboard boxes, willow tunnels, wood castles.

  • Water bottle: I recommend 2 -16oz water bottles, please clean frequently

  • Ceramic flat bottom dish for pellets

  • Hay rack, large, Timothy hay is 80% of their diet and should be feed in unlimited quantities.  Guineadad.com has great cardboard, filled ones, @blackpawwhitepaw on Etsy for large wooden ones.

  • Toys: Toilet paper tubes stuffed with hay, Oxbow enriched life toys and play tables.

  • Small animal nail clippers and food scale for tracking weight.